Luxury Valentine's Gifts - An Alternative To Flowers

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Romantic Gifts to Savour & Share

Looking for an alternative to flowers?  Tired of giving the same old bunch year after year?  Only to see them wilt and with it any enthusiasm for the fleeting romantic window.  Make the day last a little longer with The Hamper Collective Australia.

With Valentine’s Day totally evolving, shouldn’t your gifting ideas evolve too?  They say romance shouldn’t be overly practical and that spontaneity is beautiful.  Well as a romantic and long-time better half (even if I do say so myself), practicality champagne and chocolates most certainly have its place on the shelf over some tired old flora.

Historically, Valentine’s Day was a bit like a blue light disco – each team confused and lining up like they’re about to go into battle – only to become a completely different game today. 

As you may or may not be aware - Valentine’s Day can be traced back to an ancient Roman pagan festival in which priests would sacrifice animals and young men would run around slapping women with the sacrifices blood to bring fertility in the coming year. The festival would close with matchmaking (think ancient Tinder) with single young ladies throwing their names in an urn for random pairing with any worthy bachelor.  Eeew!  Gross!!  I can hear the collective appreciation for 21st century renaissance. 

Fast forward and today’s modern Valentine’s Day (with the help of Hallmark) has evolved into a day we bestow gifts, cards, chocolates, and more on the people we love the most.  We agree it can become a bit tedious and overly commercial year after year. As such, when you feel the urge in 2021, The Hamper Collective Australia has just released a whole range of Valentine’s Day gift hampers to celebrate and share this most romantic day.  Pamper hampers, champagne gift baskets and self care sets are some favorites, featuring beautiful organic bath and body products, candles, fine champagnes, organic chocolates, we make finding a unique and impeccably presented Valentine’s Day gift easy.  We’ll even throw in free delivery Australia wide.