Hamper Parties

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Hamper Parties 

The Alternative Corporate Christmas Experience

  • No time for party planning 
  • Venues in lockdown 
  • Too many people to thank 
  • A year to forget 

With Christmas fast approaching, one a little different than what we’re use to, it’s time to rethink what’s possible.  In years gone by, we’ve always had to book the Christmas office party well in advance.  Often mid-year was the start of preparations.  Leaving anything too late and you’d miss out on your favourite venue.  The current situation has forced these organisational skills to go mainstream for a simple dinner for two at your local, or larger groups alike.  Unfortunately, spontaneous events are few and far between these days. 

All is not lost, and you can still show your appreciation for your clients and staff.  With reduce venue headcount in 2020, not all can attend.  Hoping restrictions will lift in time may leave you stranded like last year’s November planners.  No matter what your desire, planning is essential, but there is a silver lining with hampers – no venue – so no chance of missing out.  Bitter sweet I know, but you can still pamper, reward, or thank all of your relationships with a select or tailor-made hamper from The Hamper Collective Australia .  Pre-order your corporate Christmas hampers before time runs out!

Merry Christmas from the team at The Hamper Collective Australia.  Bring on 2021!!

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