Staying Connected: Corporate Gifting During Covid19 Iso'

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Corporate gifting isn’t dead; it’s flourishing. When you can’t be there in person, a kind gesture goes a million miles.

The new normal might have started as the new struggle but for corporate and small businesses up to the challenge, the necessity to purge inefficiencies has been welcomed. Akin to the Phoenix rising from the ashes, many business have embraced the chance to work from home and encourage staff to access their online presence - often developing into far more innovative and rewarding results than first expected. With so much uncertainty still hanging around like a dark cloud, maintaining staff morale has never been more important.

Of course, nothing beats face to face meetings, but this current norm is more about resilience in the face of adversity. ‘Meetings makes money’ they say, but for now we must all simply make do under strained circumstances.

Unfortunately, this strain at the individual level has taken its toll. Some (on both sides of the fence) have battled with isolation. Appreciating staff and clients for their willingness and ability to evolve goes a long way.

Whether it’s a remote birthday, welcome back to work, or a simple thank you for your loyal business, hampers are a little something to brighten the day and start afresh. Maybe a good spring clean of the work desk might come early this year - and there are hampers for that too. The opportunities to consolidate your business are endless.

For client meetings, a corporate hamper can be cheaper than return taxi fares.  A great way to stay positive and stay connected in every way possible!

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