Why Send A Gift Hamper ?

When it comes to gifting the world is your oyster.  Unfortunately, the world also offers an astounding amount of confusing choices.  There’s something to be said for less is more; and less choice is often the medicine for less stress.  


Further to this, an estimated 50% or more of recipients report unwanted gifts (especially around Xmas).  Some reports indicate up to 18% of gifts are never use and as high as 4% are immediately tossed in the bin.


At The Hamper Collective Australia, we aim to provide high quality, well thought out gifts that anyone would be happy to receive. 


Below are five pointers on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ hampers just work.  Thinking ahead and being prepared is paramount to selecting the right gift.  Here’s a few tips to nailing the occasion:


  1. For ANY EVENT - Hampers to compliment any occasion

From Congratulations to Corporate, Birthdays to Father’s Day, the hamper for all events can complement the most significant occasion for anyone.  A pre-arranged event is easy but putting your own mark on the moment is thoughtful.  Go that step further with your own flare and style to surprise someone ‘just because’, ‘thinking of you’, or ‘wish you were here’.  The gift is often more about effort, so add some situation to the hamper, a beach, an at home spa day, or even just a bubble bath.


  1. Literally an EXPERIENCE

Turn your gift into a memory – the first date on the beach; Valentine’s Day picnic; a home spa day; try something new.  At The Hamper Collective Australia, we continually source unique gifts that you’d want for yourself, often a new experience, but always enjoyable.


  1. Needs and wants kept SIMPLE

‘Needs’ and ‘Wants’ can be worlds apart.  What we’ve come to realise is that hampers often fall into the latter category and not something people would buy for themselves.  This is what makes hampers the perfect gift – for a pick-me-up, celebration, or simple thank you – let the hamper do the talking for you.  We go a step further at The Hamper Collective Australia.  We try to include plenty of practical gifts in our hampers – it’s not all about champagne and chocolate.  Take our ‘Welcome Home Hamper’ for example.  Whether moving to a new house, or starting a spring clean, this hamper will bring a smile to any dial.


  1. RESEARCH – The gift or the person

To be honest, the right amount of research can be quite hard work; and very time consuming.  The thing about hampers is you don’t have to be a Sherlock Holmes to gift something enjoyable.  Designed to share, with a broad spectrum of hampers, at The Hamper Collective Australia we’ve done the research for you.  If you cannot find the perfect hamper, we can tailor a hamper collection to suit through our bespoke hamper suite.  Simply contact us at info@thehampercollectiveaustralia.com.au



When gifting becomes sustainable.  It goes without saying the current situation has bought out the need for plenty awareness.  Awareness of others, awareness of our environment, and The Hamper Collective Australia is doing our part.  Rest easy that by supporting The Hamper Collective Australia, you’re supporting small Australian businesses with a conscious.  Our products are sourced locally with a strong focus on being animal friendly and ecologically mindful.  Where possible, we aim to give back by building strong supply partners in these current challenging times.  Good business shouldn’t just look within.  As a part of a strong community, we really want to be known for strong ethics, strong moral conscious, and an ability to evolve for the better.  As with any sustainable business, your constructive feedback is always welcomed.

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